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Neon Sign Maintenance and Repair Service for Fingerprints Music in Long Beach

A beautiful music store located in downtown Long Beach, Fingerprints Music has been in business for nearly 30 years. A part of the community, the music store and its signage have seen many years, which also means that some sign maintenance may be in order. Designer Neon Signs provided neon sign service to maintain their storefront sign and give it many more years of life.

Give Neon Signs A New Lease On Life With Neon Sign Maintenance Service

Reach out to Designer Neon Signs. We are based in Long Beach and serving the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California. Call: 310-570-2474
Designer Neon Signs provided neon sign service. Call: 310-570-2474

Visually striking and timeless, neon signs have been a staple for storefronts for many decades. And a lot of signs have actually lasted that long. How is this possible? With neon sign maintenance by professionals with a proven track record of servicing signage and making them last for many years.

After all, even the most well designed signage using high-quality materials and flawless fabrication methods will still experience wear and tear over time. Particularly displays with electronic and lighting components. When illuminated signs, like those using neon, reach the end of their lifespans they start to flicker or they lose their brightness. Malfunctioning signs will give customers the wrong impression. So they must be maintained or replaced as soon as possible.

Neon sign maintenance service will restore long-serving signs to their former glory and they will get back to impressing customers with their vibrant glow and drawing them in.

About Fingerprints Music

A nationally-acclaimed and locally-focused independent record store, Fingerprints Music is located in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach, California. A part of the community, it is a shrine to music and pop culture with its hand-curated selection of hits and oddities and obscurities.

Fingerprints Music also carries books, band and other merchandise, gifts and more. These are curated along with unique collectibles and artwork. Customers will enjoy an experience that's part shopping, music museum, performance space and gallery.

Reach out to Designer Neon Signs. We are based in Long Beach and serve the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California.




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