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Business Storefront Custom Neon Sign in Classic Gold Neon for Meyers Manx by Designer Neon Signs.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Neon signs have been a rage for ages now, and business owners continue to use these signs to stand out. Just like Meyers Manx' custom neon signs, they surely look great and instantly draw all the eyes of potential customers towards their brand and services.

Neon signs has a lot of advantages from energy-efficiency to versatility and many more.

Neon signs come in different colors and the sign can be customized based on your personal needs. With its bright, vivid colors and a warm glow, neon signs are definitely eye-catching.

Business Storefront Custom Neon Sign in Classic Gold Neon Mounted on a Clear Acrylic Backer with Lips on Top and Bottom for Meyers Manx - Fabricated by Designer Neon Signs. Full Service Southern California Neon Sign Company in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call 310-570-2474 for a FREE Neon Sign Quote.
Meyers Manx' Custom Neon Signage in Classic Gold Neon Mounted on a Clear Acrylic Backer with Lips on Top and Bottom - Fabricated by Designer Neon Signs. Call 310-570-2474

It is hard to disagree that neon signs has a special appeal in advertising one's business. Because of its popularity, almost all establishment or business has a neon signs. From restaurant interiors to advertisement boards, neon signs are everywhere. Even in homes or other residential areas neon sign exists.

With a custom neon signs, your logo will be visible to potential customers when they drive or walk by your business. Here are some of the benefits in investing in a custom neon sign.


Custom neon signs comes in a wide variety of colors. Because the outer casing is made of glass tubes, they become soft when exposed to heat and can be shaped into just about any design you want. This includes fancy fonts and intricate images.


Custom neon signs are incredibly popular among business owners due to how little energy they use and how energy-efficient they are in every businesses.


Custom neon signs have the same strength and durability as standard neon signs, which already have long lifespans. A properly constructed and maintained neon sign should last your business for ten years, but with genuine care, from design to installation to upkeep, it may last even longer.

About Meyers Manx

Meyers Manx is a small recreational-oriented dune buggy automobile initially designed for desert racing by Californian engineer, artist, boat builder, and surfer Bruce F. Meyers.

In 1964, Bruce created the original, ‘Old Red’. Since then, Meyers Manx have been a staple on beaches and dunes all over the world, spreading California sunshine. As Manx 2.0 takes us into the next generation, we’ve made sure to take the soul of ‘Old Red’ along with us.

Reach out to Designer Neon Signs. We are based in Long Beach and serve the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California.




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