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til death do us Party - Custom Neon Sign

Designer Neon Sign Company is based in Southern California and serves Neon Sign Lovers as well as Businesses Locally and Nationwide. Our in-house sign design team is prepared to serve you in numerous ways as you begin the next sign design project.


When creating a custom sign design and neon sign design, Designer Neon Sign Company designers are proud to offer sign design services in a way that is totally unique to the project requirements. Our team performs site and visibility analysis, determines zoning requirements, and makes recommendations for overall custom sign designs, size, typestyles, and color to communicate the messages effectively. In addition, the designs specify structural supports, lighting, fastening methods, and electrical requirements to ensure the long-term value of a signage investment.

During the schematic design phase, we will:

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Conceptual Applications

  • Define Spaces

  • Review Solution

Long Beach Tap House  are a Long Beach community restaurant located in Belmont Shore California, serving up classic American cuisine with a SoCal flare.  Focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and supports local Southern California Craft Breweries. They have  over 34 craft beers on tap, wines on tap & even cold brew coffee available. 


New Building Location of Long Beach TAP HOUSE

DN Signs Long Beach Tap House 1.png
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Mock Up : Long Beach TAP HOUSE - Painted Mural

DN Signs Long Beach Tap Blade Sign.png
Logo Designer Neon PNG.png

Mock Up:  Long Beach TAP HOUSE Blade Sign

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DN Signs - SIGN DESIGN Susies Cakes Outs
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DN Signs - Sign Design Susies Cakes.png
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In the event that a sign project has already been designed, Designer Neon Sign Company Team of sign experts can review your plans and deliver a cost proposal to complete the project as specified. Creative to work closely with architects, environmental graphic designers, marketing and branding firms and offer value-engineering to assist in achieving your project goals.

Let's Connect!

Every client has different needs – and a different budget. Our sign designers are experts at helping you create signage that meets your specific advertising, identification, branding, and budget goals. We also understand the importance of making sure your signage complies with city codes and landlord requirements.

Your One Stop Shop For Your NEON SIGN NEEDS 

Sign Design
DN Signs - PINE AVE -  Gateway Sign Spec
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Sign Types - Cover Photo - DN Signs 2018
Pine Avenue - Installation - DN
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Let us help you design the best sign for your business!

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 Since 1996




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