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If you have neon sign that appears broken, do not try to repair it yourself, instead, take it straight to a Neon Sign Specialist at Designer Neon Signs.

Older neon signs were not created according to regulation, simply because there were none at the time. The older transformers ran at very high voltages (around 15,000 volts) and are therefore life-threatening if mishandled. Another reason is that the glass used back then was leaded. Now, if you replace this with modern non-leaded glass, the collector value of the neon sign will be lowered.

Be very careful with the transformer, which produces an output voltage from 4,000 to 12,000 volts. Never handle any component of the neon sign while the sign is still being powered.


Neon Signs have many advantages. Properly built, installed and serviced neon signages last many years. Can be used as interior or exterior signage to attract, brand and market your business. 

Neon Signs give you plenty of flexibility in design, color choice, size, and shape.

Neon Signs are visible from nightfall to daylight with a unique visual glow that effortlessly catches by-passers attention. Giving you an endless possibility of creative design choices, by creating lively light objects and images.

The classic look of a Neon Sign will give your company the visibility you desire.

Neon Sign Color Palette

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