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Designer Neon Sign Company has tremendous capabilities for complete signage fabrication. Our sign fabricators are experienced in producing practically any type of sign products imaginable. From custom, one-of-a-kind business signages  to large-scale sign installation projects for local, regional and national clients.

We have the ability to manufacture any custom business signage your business can dream up. Whether the project requires signage to stand off of a wall or to float from the ceiling, Designer Neon Sign Company team of sign fabricators can produce architectural signage tailored to your custom project’s needs. Our sophisticated sign fabrication techniques ensure a final product you will be proud of.


Your sign is your customer’s first impression when they see your building. A broken or run-down sign sends all the wrong messages. Designer Neon Sign Company can get your sign to work for you again, ultimately helping your business do more business.

Services Include:

  • Electrical Sign Repair

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • LED Retrofits and Service

  • Sign Lighting and re-lamps

  • Sign Removal

  • Sign Cleaning and Repainting

  • Awning Repair and Replacement

  • Site Inspections and Reporting​

ATTENTION Out-Of-Area Sign Companies: We have a lot of experience helping national sign companies service their clients.  We are prompt, professional, and focused on making you look good. 

Call us today for your Southern California sub-contracting needs.

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Every client has different needs – and a different budget. Our sign service experts are reliable and on-time to help make your business signage meets your specific advertising, identification, branding, and budget goals. We also understand the importance of making sure your signage complies with city codes and landlord requirements.

Your One Stop Shop For Your NEON SIGN NEEDS 

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Sign Types - Cover Photo - DN Signs 2018
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Let us help you design the best sign for your business!

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 Since 1996




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